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Modding for Windows 10

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29 May 2016 12:39 #1 by AmiloMan
Replied by AmiloMan on topic Modding for Windows 10
Hi Pete,

Welcome to the forum, it really depends what driver you want to mod. If it is a driver that is for Win7/8 and 10 then it will be modded too. You can install the driver modded from windows 7 to the windows 10 OS provided that it is the same card and not another card in another machine.
If you want to see the modded files they are in the same driver package you modded, it is the same driver package but a little modified.
  • In windows 10 use device manager to install the driver contained in the relevant folder i.e 32 or 64 bit.(See guide for more info on that).
  • Clean-out the currently installed driver on windows 10 with ddu before installing the modded one. Don't forget to enable Test Mode.
  • Read through some previous post for more hints.

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29 May 2016 12:00 #2 by Paddle Sport Designs
Modding for Windows 10 was created by Paddle Sport Designs
OK, so I've downloaded Flem and played around with some help from a knowledgeable friend, but not being completely confident please can you tell me if what I'm trying to do is OK and some hints on procedure.

Currently running Win 7 and want to upgrade to 10. !0 says my ATI Mobility Radeon X1350 is not compatible, which is true but I installed 10 anyway to see just what the problem was. The ATI driver actually showed up in device manager as active, rather than the basic MS adapter which I expected, resolution is as it should be but the screen constantly refreshes about every 20 seconds.

So I rolled back to Win 7 to experiment in Flem with the driver. Questions then.

1. Will Flem mod the driver to work with Win 10? Don't need the Catalyst software, just a driver to give me the right screen res. and stable performance.
2. Having download the relevant driver package, we managed to mod with Flem but now can't find where the modded files are saved. Where do I look?
3. Assuming this is good for use in Win 10 will I have to go through the mod again within 10 or can I use the files (when I find them) already produced in 7.
4. I guess I will have to turn of driver signing enforcement permanently but hopefully when you signed version comes out I can do it all again and turn it back on?
5. Any hints and tips on the process appreciated.

Thanks Pete

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