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Small issue with 14.4 + 10.2 base on directx9 hw

  • AmiloMan
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16 Jul 2015 06:12 - 16 Jul 2015 06:15 #1 by AmiloMan
Hi Mike,
Glad to see that you modded your driver correctly. The BSOD might be AMD Gaming Evolved related, do you have some files remaining from a previous install? You might want to do a clean install of your modded drivers right after you clean out the AMD drivers and software completely. There is a tool developed by a guy called Wagnard over at the Guru3D site that can help you with that.
Find it here : Guru3D - Driver Sweeper
After cleaning your AMD drivers and leftovers re-install your modded drivers.
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  • alcatraz
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05 Jul 2015 09:31 #2 by alcatraz
Hey guys and gals...

As the topic suggests. The installation of the driver worked fine on my notebook directx9 graphics (AMD Gaming Evolved had to be unchecked to let the install finish).

Everything seems to work except that when shutting down the computer, there is a BSOD with the error: MULTIPLE-IRP-COMPLETE-REQUESTS. It's related to the new driver I'm sure.

I've been running a modded 10.2 legacy driver for years without any hickups. The card is a FireGL V5200 / x1600 and I'm running Win 7 x64. When modding the 14.4 driver I used only the x64 base files for all the starred * fields.

Any ideas where the problem might be?

Another issue is that when trying to open GPU-Z it gives the message that OpenCL is installed but not supported, and suggests to uninstall it. Is this something that can be modified?

Cheers! /Mike

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