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ATI HD3200 problem

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20 Oct 2016 13:47 #1 by AmiloMan
Replied by AmiloMan on topic ATI HD3200 problem
Hi welcome to the forum and glad to see you like FLEM.

Use a higher driver version to MOD, anything above 14.6 should be good. 15.11.1 is stable and high performance. You are free to try from 14.6 all the way upto 15.11.1.

You have probably read this before, windows 10 64bit is very strict on driver sig enforcement so it will block anything unless manually set. So you will have to be doing the "disable step" everytime you turn on your machine.

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20 Oct 2016 13:11 #2 by liuxb
ATI HD3200 problem was created by liuxb
I have successfully modified the 14.4 driver using 13.1,but still some problems
1 I have enabled the TestMode according to guide, but the system can not load the driver if i didnt select "disable Driver Signature Enforcement". I also tried to use dseo13b tool, but also failed. It looks like the test mode is not working. my os is windows 10.0.14393,1607.

2 I had expected to be able to open this feature “Hardware H264 Decoding” in firefox using modified driver, but the results failed. That means hardware acceleration can not be enabled in html5/flash playback? This feature can not be enabled by the official driver 13.x too. Maybe I should modify a newer version 14.6+ ?

my card HD3200, os windows 10 rs1 14393 1607,
Can you give me some advice?

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