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Digital-Flem further enhances your Windows, Movie watching, flash video streaming and gaming experience by enabling you to install 
the latest cutting edge, quality, performance graphics drivers from AMD™.        


  System Requirements:

                  Latest Version : FLEM 4.3 - Windows 10 driver compatible.

 FLEM 4.3 Pink Edition Changelog

     - Performance improvements- Now having Hardware acceleration mode H/W and Software acceleration S/W mode for performance and stability.
     - Optimized modding methods.
     - Improved UI and User experience.
     - New driver verifier for signature verification.
    - Various application optimizations, tweaks and bug fixes.
    - Optimized and reconfigured driver signing (No need for extra downloads). 
    - Added Color codes for driver file types in cocktailmaker.
                   - Black + Green = Necessary files.
                   - Green = DXVA
                  - Orange = OpenCL/OpenGL                                

FLEM 2019 Version 4.2.1 Changelog  

- Fixed Autoupdate bug.
- Fixed website shortcut links, they now point to the new site .
- Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.                                                                                                                           

FLEM Version 4.2 Changelog 
- Added One click Test Mode Boot Configuration settings option.
- added Advanced Options menu - Safe Mode and Test Mode configurations.
- Added driver signing - * Internet connection required.
- Added Crimson and Adrenaline support (Experimental),need feedback from you guys.
- Various application optimizations, tweaks and bug fixes.
- Rewritten from scratch for flexibility and better performance.
- Improved UI and User experience.
- Optimized modding methods and simplicity.                                                                                                         

- Driver Signing and Test Mode activation walkthrough after every driver mod.
- Extended logging for better support.
- Improved and enhanced GPU detection.
- Fixed 64bit OpenGL customizations.
- Fixed dual card customization bug.
- Various other bug fixes.
- Added application update feature.     


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FLEM 4.3 NEW HOT UPDATED   Click image to enlarge  



Date Saturday, 19 October 2019 06:49 


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Version FLEM 4.3 Pink Edition
Size File Size 14.81 MB
Downloads Download 460

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                                                                                                                              MD5 : 1350767E9D2B048EDA98C807CE07E5D4
                                                                                        SHA256 : 4549749075925783D56B289B515A7CA7583713F59E92E7CF7A28166E354F0AA8

VirusTotal scan results for actual app False Positve✔ 

MD5 : 0C985A5BDB382D9891179881151B093E
  SHA256 : FDE8D2D827B001C14314B9BE5178ADA7E26B4AB811A7D09BFDCF5C1DBB420B1A

    VirusTotal scan results of this download page Clean✔         


           FLEM is a powerful tool and if used incorrectly may cause undesirable effects.

Use at your own Risk !



# AmiloMan 2019-03-29 06:42
Welcome to the new FLEM site :-)
Moved from to this one.
Post only general comments here for modding related posts create a thread/post in the Forum.
Enjoy your visit here!
+1 # Aden 2019-08-25 12:47
i want to thank you so much for this awesome app i love your dedication to the project and cant wait to see more :3
# SPARX 2019-11-18 09:32
sir if you please help me by creating a ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 series driver for windows 10 64 bit because i tried but failed so i thought to ask you

please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!
# AmiloMan 2019-11-18 10:56
Please post your DEVID and Card as Title of your thread in the forum section and also upload or copy paste the log file.

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