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Digital-Flem further enhances your Windows, Movie watching, flash video streaming and gaming experience by enabling you to install the 
newest cutting edge, quality, performance graphics drivers from AMD™.        


  System Requirements:

                  Latest Version : FLEM 4.2.1 - Windows 10 driver compatible.

 FLEM 2019 Version 4.2.1 Changelog  

- Fixed Autoupdate bug.
- Fixed website shortcut links, they now point to the new site .
- Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

FLEM Version 4.2 Changelog 
- Added One click Test Mode Boot Configuration settings option.
- added Advanced Options menu - Safe Mode and Test Mode configurations.
- Added driver signing - * Internet connection required.
- Added Crimson and Adrenaline support (Experimental),need feedback from you guys.
- Various application optimizations, tweaks and bug fixes.
- Rewritten from scratch for flexibility and better performance.
- Improved UI and User experience.
- Optimized modding methods and simplicity.
- Driver Signing and Test Mode activation walkthrough after every driver mod.
- Extended logging for better support.
- Improved and enhanced GPU detection.
- Fixed 64bit OpenGL customizations.
- Fixed dual card customization bug.
- Various other bug fixes.
- Added application update feature.     


 Links to the required downloads : Just download and install them to their default loactions no configurations required after that.
If you want to sign the drivers after modding them then you need this download.
.Net 4.6.2 is not required for Windows 10 systems,Windows 7 & 8 systems require this download


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FLEM 2019 Edition NEW HOT UPDATED   Click image to enlarge  



Date Saturday, 09 March 2019 07:15 


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Version 4.2.1
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MD5 checksum: 602827F8A697AA0F5B2E4F1B6829F547
SHA1 checksum: B5376C08993C21EFB1AD2883D860EC9508BF2C17
SHA256 checksum: 744171B6764D56B5E7ECDF08AEE14474CD0263DD79922FD6E6F7D116E72CBB5E

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           FLEM is a powerful tool and if used incorrectly may cause undesirable effects.

Use at your own Risk !



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Welcome to the new FLEM site :-)
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