You can begin by downloading the latest WHQL drivers/Beta drivers and also the legacy drivers that suit your card type.

 Latest WHQL & Beta drivers to be selected in the driver browser

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Get the latest WHQL driver  >>  Official download link 


 Base files for the gpu types are listed below, these are the legacy drivers to be used when selecting from the cocktail lounge section of the app. 

 HD 8000 - HD 7000 - HD 6000 - 5000 Series

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Use with 5xxx. 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx GPUs:

 AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta for Non GCN Products:

32bit & 64bit  drivers

HD 4000 - HD 2000 Series

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 Use with HD 4000, HD 3000, HD 2000 GPUs:  HD 2350 to 4XXX series >> DirectX 10 GPUs
AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL Legacy Driver (Release Date: 10/15/2013) - DirectX 10 GPU
Display Driver ver. OpenCL(tm) Driver 10.0.937.2
32bit driver                             

AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL Legacy Driver (Release Date: 10/15/2013) - DirectX 10 GPU
Display Driver ver.
OpenCL(tm) Driver 10.0.937.2
64bit driver                                         

AMD Catalyst 13.1 WHQL Legacy Driver (Release Date: 1/21/2013) - DirectX 10 GPU

Display Driver ver.

OpenCL(tm) Driver 10.0.937.2 

32bit & 64bit Driver 

AMD Catalyst 12.6 WHQL Legacy Driver (Release Date: 7/24/2012) -  DirectX 10 GPU: 32bit

AMD Catalyst 12.6 WHQL Legacy Driver (Release Date: 7/24/2012) -  DirectX 10 GPU: 64bit

 X1xxx - HD 2300 Series

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Use with X1xxx to HD 2300  >> DirectX 9 GPUs

 AMD Catalyst 10.2 WHQL Legacy Driver (Release Date: 2/24/2010)   

Use these as base files for older GPUs X1xxx to HD 2300 : 32bit & 64bit

Digital-Flem further enhances your Windows, Movie watching, flash video streaming and gaming experience by enabling you to install the latest cutting edge, quality, performance graphics drivers from AMD™.        


  System Requirements:

 Latest Version : FLEM 6.1 - New *** >>  14.02.2021 ***
FLEM Version 6.1 Changelog :
  • Fixed driver signing bug.  (Thank you to user  (lowinmillion) for the bug report).
  • Application and UI tweaks.    
  • Added more Internet Time Servers and regions.

FLEM Version 6 Changelog :

    • New feature added - Auto Mod mode with Automatic legacy file detection.
    • Added new - Safe Mode with Networking - fast reboot feature. 
    • Performance optimizations.
    • Improved UI and User experience.
    • Various application optimizations, tweaks and bug fixes. 

 FLEM is a powerful tool and improper use may cause undesirable effects. 
Use at your own risk !!


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